The Coaches Voice Academy

The Coaches Voice Academy

Everyone knows that becoming a soccer coach is no easy task. As a soccer coach, not only do you have to teach soccer players how to learn soccer skills and how to score goals. Becoming a better coach takes a lot of time and effort, teaching athletes to work together as a team is not an easy task. To develop your coaching style and techniques to use against other coaches, first, you will need to learn how the system works.

Taking time to understand your players. 

Soccer coaches have to understand each player’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing coaches to choose the best players for the best and appropriate positions. As well as help their players to work and train on their weaknesses. After all, soccer coaches who understand their players will have a more successful team.

Winning is not a priority, but the ultimate goal.

Everyone loves to win and nobody likes to lose, but whether it's soccer summer camp, a mid-season soccer training program, or a youth soccer league, winning should never be a priority over everything else. The best coaches put winning in perspective for their players, meaning the players know and understand that winning is the ultimate goal and to get there they will have to work together as a team and give their best on the pitch.

Build teamwork off the field.

90 minutes of running, sprinting, jumping, and other physical activities are not easy for individual players or teams. Fortunately for you, we are here to introduce you to The Coaches Voice Academy. This academy provides insight into the game’s greatest minds for coaches of all levels of the soccer pyramid, including coaching courses, session plans for each phase of development, from under-8 through to the first team and practice libraries, featuring unopposed practices, as well as small sided and 11v11 games. If you’re considering becoming a soccer coach or looking to become a better soccer coach, the Coaches Voice Academy is the best choice for you.

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Become part of the coach's voice academy to learn from the best to become the best.

Dec 5th 2019 Tony

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