Master Joga is world class soccer training.

Jonathan enthusiastically teaches players how to improve their game from an early age. Master Joga training is developing complete and well rounded soccer players. More importantly he is creating world class citizens for the future.

Taking your game to the next level with Master Joga

Soccer Innovations has teamed up with MJ (Master Joga) to create one of a kind, high quality affordable branded soccer balls made right here in the local community.

Each soccer ball from MJ is made in a Fair Trade soccer ball factory. With purchase, you're helping provide education, clean water, transportation & medical care to the person who made your soccer ball and his/her family. 

  • Master Joga Custom Futsal Soccer Ball Master Joga Custom Futsal Soccer Ball with team logo

    Soccer Innovations

    Master Joga Futsal Ball

    The custom Master Joga Sala Futsal Soccer Ball is a premium ball, optimal for futsal play. The futsal low-bounce ball design helps the ball stays close to the ground, providing much better playability on hard surfaces like gym floors, and sports courts...
  • Customized Master Joga Bullet Ball Soccer Ball machine stitched Customized Master Joga Bullet Ball Soccer Ball


    $25.00 - $26.00
    The MasterJoga customized Bullet Ball™ design not only has been produced for superb durability, long-lasting performance but most importantly, affordability. Designed with a vibrant & cool bright neon and black textured outer casing, the Bullet...
    $25.00 - $26.00