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  • Speed Demon Hybrid Fusion Tech 12 Panel match soccer ball
  • Speed Demon Hybrid Fusion Tech 12 Panel match soccer ball size 5
  • waterproof hybrid size 5 speed demon soccer ball for match
  • match and training speed demon soccer ball size 5
  • 12 panel match soccer ball speed demon match ball size 5
  • Action shot speed demon
  • Speed demon and hurdle poles


The all new Speed Demon soccer ball is a modern variation in hybrid style soccer balls with our FusionTech method of thermally bonding the 12 custom cut ball panels together to create a waterproof seal, 100% round and of course our famous Restrictive Bladders inside.

What makes this ball so great is the combination of a really modern 12 panel ball casing that is now embossed! The combinations of 12 panels and embossing is next gen. It's the best of Adidas' technology and Nike's technology in a single ball. There is no other ball out there like it. The touch and feel off your foot feels like a $200 soccer ball. It's simply amazing.

The technology and design of our next gen FusionTech infusion of synthetic leather panels makes this ball the best ball for your money, we guarantee it.


  • 12 Panel Design
  • Embossed outer casing
  • FusionTech Hybrid Bonding
  • Available in size 5 only
  • High vis color design for all year round play
  • Excellent touch, feel, flight & play!
  • Match level quality
  • Restrictive Bladder inside, textured outer casing 
  • Made at a FairTrade Certified factory


Why buy our soccer balls?

It's simple. We don't make cheap balls. We despise cheap balls, with a passion. Our goal is to manufacture high end balls at every level from machine stitched to thermo bonded at a price everyone can afford in each given category. When you buy a Soccer Innovations soccer ball, you are buying a high end brand of balls. We don't need big name endorsement deals to persuade you to buy. We believe in word of mouth and the endorsements of the people nobody has heard of... The only true endorsements we care about and want to showcase is yours.


Customization: Call us for a FREE Quote. 
Currently, a customized order turn around time is  4-6 weeks due to the high demand.
**For FREE logos put on ball orders over 20, balls must be purchased at retail price. Vector logo required (.AI or .EPS).
Minimum order Quantity 10 Soccer balls for $10 each ball. 
Please give us a call @ 972-353-0180 or email us with any inquiries.
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