The Best Soccer Christmas Gift Ever

The Best Soccer Christmas Gift Ever


For about $30 you will put a smile on your little Soccer Star the minute he opens the package.  Kids from age 5 to 15 are wowed every day with the gift that keeps on giving!  

Unlike other gifts the Jimmy Ball is a soccer ball that can be used anywhere.   And Its great in the house because it wont get loose, can't be kicked hard and is just plain fun.  

But!  It's not just a toy.   It improves soccer skill and coordination in a safe and fun way.  

Are you ready to take your son/daughter to the next level of soccer skill?  It is as simple as using this fun and affordable training tool.  

All over the world, the top youth soccer training experts are recommending ball touches for our youth players. They are recomending more ball touches on a weekly basis.

Think about it. When anyone touches a soccer ball the following things will happen.

  1. You will have to balance your body on one leg while the other leg’s foot touches the ball.
  2. The foot that touches the ball will have to be placed in a precise position to accomplish this task with accuracy, while at the same time, developing a soft and controlled strike. (Called a "touch".)
  3. Sounds easy but keep in mind, the foot, ankle, and leg will have to utilize certain muscles to accomplish this task and will have to do so accurately and precisely.
  4. The rest of your body will have to balance itself in various ways to accommodate the foot and leg that must function precisely. Doing this with the foot and leg is much harder than with the hand and arms. (Baseball, basketball, football, etc.)

This is how soccer skill is developed.

So, what are ball touches? What does that term mean? Ball touches are any kind of controlling touch on the soccer ball.  Or, when a soccer player attempts to touch the ball with his body and or foot in order to control it. (This could be dribbling the ball or controlling the ball or even passing the ball with the proper weight.)  Let’s take a look at each of these types of skills/touches.

Dribbling: Is when a player runs with the ball at his feet. It’s when a player keeps control of the ball while passing opponents or moving the ball through open spaces on the field.

Controlling the ball: When a player receives the ball, from another player and that player must control it. (Ball may be coming in the air or on the ground.)

Passing/Kicking: Is when a player kicks the ball to a teammate or shoots the ball at the soccer goal. There are multiple kicking techniques based on distance and opponent’s interference.

All of the above are important to a player’s soccer skill development. However, each has its issues and complications when it comes to practice. What I mean by that is, some soccer skills cannot be practiced alone. Some require teammates or soccer training tools to practice efficiently.

Take a close look at your player's situation. If he/she has two team practices a week, they are getting touches in with their team. Probably dribbling, passing and shooting, but so is everyone else. With so many teammates using a limited number of balls, they may not be getting enough touches to progress. To get better, make headway, exceed the average, your player must get extra touches outside of team practices.

What is the most important skill a player should possess? Ball control? Shooting? Dribbling? Passing?

That is a debate in itself, but we know to excel and develop at the youth soccer level as a young soccer player, we certainly want ball control and ball striking techniques mastered.

A great tool to simply and easily develop these skills is the Jimmy Ball Technique Training Ball. 

The Jimmy Ball was developed by Soccer Innovations and originated after discussions with the Youth Director of Munich’s, FC Bayern, many years ago.  

European and South American youth player developmental concepts have been studied for years and are the most cutting edge in the world. The Jimmy Ball falls in line with modern methodologies and is a great tool to capture the required soccer ball touches in a fun way. This soccer training aid offers many components necessary to develop soccer skill and get thousands of ball touches easily and quickly within a week’s time.

Players can use it at home! Players have fun using it. Soccer coaches or parents can prescribe homework assignments with it. It’s a great rainy-day soccer practice tool. Players can take it and use it anywhere! 

The best feature is that it develops key soccer techniques. Push pass techniques, instep drive shooting techniques, outside of the foot skill techniques, ball control techniques, volley techniques, foot/leg coordination techniques, weak foot development, peripheral vision techniques, shielding techniques and more! WOW!

It's an amazingly simple product that develops key soccer techniques and a soft touch. It's fun. It's affordable. It's addicting!

A must-have for all soccer players, young and old.

Get one for your soccer star!

Jimmy Elder

President and Founder of Soccer Innovations

National Championship Coach at Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas.

Jun 28th 2018 Jimmy Elder

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