Team Shelter

Team Shelter

MVP III Team Shelter

What is worse than a soccer game in pouring rain or inclement weather? In Texas (and many other states), the weather is beyond unpredictable. A mobile and durable team shelter is an ideal solution for any soccer team.

Here at Soccer Innovations, we have you covered! Literally!

Our new MVP III Team Shelter, is what you have always been looking. The cheapest price on the market, yet one of the most durable. We offer a vast amount of options that allow you to customize your shelter to fit your needs!


The 17’ frame is powder coated aluminum which is sure to last with a warranty of 5 years! The powder coat allows the frame to stay standing year round. It protects against inclement weather and reduce the rust that can occur with other metals.


Our cover is made with 600 denier concentration solution dye. This is a marine grade and made to withstand any weather that comes your way! Stay covered from the heat, rain, snow, and even hail if it comes your way.

Name Plate

Professionally display your school name or mascot across the front of your cover with our 3 inch white letting name plate. Customize it to your liking and make your team shelter look crisp and clean. You can even display “home” or “visitor” should you choose to do so.

2x2 Logo

Customize your team shelter with your mascot logo, sponsor, or anything else that you see fit. Showcase your team spirit and let those opposing teams know who they are competing against when they come to your home turf.

4x4 Logo

Ideal for the backside of the shelter, create a logo to show your fans and spectators a professional and clean look. There will be no mistake whose house they have come to visit when they see your team logo staring right back at them from the stands!

Wind Flap

Strong wind can be terrible to endure, especially during cold weather. The cover will prevent players from experiencing that while on the bench. With a strong wind comes concern for the shelter to be uplifted from its stakes or locked wheel position. Our mesh wind flap gives the ability for wind to escape out the back in order to prevent an unoccupied shelter being flipped during storms or very strong winds.

Side Zippers

Create additional airflow based on your field location and the direction it faces. With full side zippers, you can enclose your shelter completely. You also have the option to open it half way or take them off completely to allow for a more open shelter during the heat.

With the Soccer Innovations MVP III Team Shelter, the possibilities you want to create are endless. We can customize just about anything you would need as our covers are made in house at our facility. Most schools or clubs are on a budget. At Soccer Innovations, we absolutely understand that.I can guarantee you will not find a shelter just as durable for the price we offer!

If you have any interest in purchasing one, feel free to contact me directly. I will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns!

Get yours this season and keep your team covered!!

Jul 6th 2019 Jonah Longino

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