Partnership Program

Partnership Program

Are you interested in a Youth Soccer Partnership Program?

We at Soccer Innovations are launching our Youth Partnership Program! Our goal is to find teams and business partners to help assist in equipment needs.
Youth Soccer
Youth soccer continues to grow at a rapid rate. There are new clubs being created every year, and they need equipment to train their players at the highest level. Existing clubs are also in need of equipment in order to continue to keep their program running at a hight level. Budgets can be tight and every dollar counts. Finding affordable equipment can be hard and finding a sponsor can be ever more difficult.
What is a partnership program?

A partnership program is a mutually beneficial agreement between two parties to help achieve a common goal. As it pertains to youth soccer, this usually consist of a business or company and a youth soccer club. Companies or businesses provide a product or services to the club. In return, the club is able to obtain a form of growth to their size or an item/service that helps them achieve a goal. That is exactly what Soccer Innovations is here to do!

What are the benefits of joining our partnership program?
Joining out Partnership program will give you exclusive pricing and discounts based on your organization! Yes, that does mean saving money! Every soccer team and program needs equipment, so why not save money while getting it? We will customize your offer to fit your direct needs and help you to accomplish the goals you are working towards. Building and running a youth soccer program or association is never easy. Team up with Soccer Innovations and let’s build a recipe for winning!
How can you become a part of our sponsorship program?

If you are youth club coach, soccer association president, or just interested in more about our Partnership Program, please contact our office directly and speak with me. We will discuss your operations, needs, and wants. It is a wonderful opportunity to provide our valued customers with an opportunity to accomplish their goals, get some great equipment, and continue to build youth soccer across the US!

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Jonah Longino was born and raised in Dallas, TX. He has been playing or coaching soccer for 28 years. He was a member of FC Dallas Youth as a club player, and attended Rockwall High School. During his youth club days he was a part of a many accomplishments, including a 2006 Dallas Cup U19 Championship. After high school, he attended Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio on a soccer scholarship. He graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Organizational Leadership. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer, being outdoors, watching sports, and spends a majority of his time with Lily and Tanner, his son and daughter.

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