New Building in 2020

New Building in 2020

We are excited to inform our customers and partners that we are moving to a new and bigger location in 2020! 

We are moving just 1 street over from our current location at 3120 Towerwood Dr. Dallas, Texas 75234 to Garden Brook Rd! 

Our new building will offer a larger showroom equipped for walk-in customers, league meetings, team meetings and club meetings! The office and warehouse combo is 2,500 sq. ft. larger than our current location and will be in a stand-a-lone building with a large sign on top. We are excited to move into our new building sometime around March/April 2020. 

Why are we moving? SI decided to invest in ourselves with purchasing a building we think would allow us to scale our business, accommodate more inventory, process more orders quicker, provide a place/home for soccer teams and clubs in the Dallas area to meet and get exclusive deals right then and there! 

We want you to get to know us. Understand our passion and how we tick. So much so, we are building our business around our local soccer community feedback on what they'd like to see in a soccer business. We are building our business around our customers instead of the other way around. 

We hope to see you at our new building in 2020! We have a lot of great things happening at Soccer Innovations and we can't wait to share our journey in taking our business to the next level in 2020.

Lastly, thank you to all who have purchased our soccer training equipment over the past 15 years. Everyone who purchased from us and have been loyal to us have allowed us to grow and are an integral part of our growth. We are so thankful for our wonderful customers! 


Oct 25th 2019 Jeremy Elder

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