How the F.A.S.T. Soccer System Improves Soccer Players' Performance

How the F.A.S.T. Soccer System Improves Soccer Players' Performance

The FAST Soccer System was designed to help soccer players see more and play faster. Fast stands for Field Awareness Soccer Training. It’s a unique and one-of-a-kind product developed by a long time soccer coach, Jimmy Elder (President and founder of Soccer Innovations).

Great Peripheral Vision (Field Awareness) is a key characteristic of top soccer players. It's an ability to find open players quickly or turn away from a pressuring opponent, or dribble the ball away from a pressuring defender. It’s a skill coaches find challenging to work on and improve but ever so valuable.

The FAST System solves this problem with Coach controlled light poles that are injected into the soccer training, adding an element requiring additional field vision during the exercise.

Soccer Innovations keeps it simple and easy and quite innovative with this completely wireless system that utilizes long lasting batteries, L.E.D. lights, and a simple color coded remote.

Players perform soccer skills while searching for the strategically placed light poles. As a light is activated, the players must perform a skill, or make a pass to a teammate, or dribble through a gate, etc.

Most coaches ask for a drill guide with a variety of effective exercises and drills to guide them with the FAST System. Soccer Innovations does not disappoint with their setup and drill guide manual which includes 10+ drills to kick start the coach.

The FAST System drill guide includes drills for dribbling, passing, finishing and fitness. Coaches can now develop player skill while developing a player’s ability to see what’s around them. This improves their speed of play and ability to execute same skills faster.

FIFA reports that the game will continue to increase its speed of play. Speed of play means the ball moves faster and faster and faster. Players must be able to play faster and faster and faster. At the highest level the ball is moving fast. Players are being taught to play at a higher pace, such as 1 Touch passing rather than 2 Touch passing. Players are encouraged to move the ball faster with fewer touches.

Faster play is required as modern day defenses have become better organized and more sophisticated in their tactics. Modern defensive schemes are difficult to break down. When the attacking team moves the ball quickly, the defense is challenged in its ability to stay organized. A disorganized defense allows the attacking team opportunities to penetrate and score!

So, as coaches, we continue to train our teams to play faster. It is difficult to play faster unless players can see opportunities faster. Unless players can react to the opponent faster or execute the required skill faster.

The Soccer Innovations developed FAST System was designed for developing these skills and improving player and team speed. Players learn to play with their heads up and eyes open. They learn how to use their peripheral vision.

Often players will be amazed how much more they can see after using the FAST System. In a 30 minute FAST session, players report an increased awareness and ability to see more. In addition, players report receiving a new skill that they can use immediately to improve their performance. That skill is the opening of the players full capacity to see.

The eye is an amazing and powerful sense and tool, but is unfortunately, under-utilized by most athletes. The FAST System brings awareness and abilities to players worldwide.

Since inception, the FAST System has created world-wide attention with its unique features and player benefits. Coaches worldwide are reaching out for the FAST System.

The FAST System is a product of Soccer Innovations. Contact Soccer Innovations for more information on this cutting edge product.

If you are still reading, help us develop new FAST System exercises and drills. Contact us, send us a video or tell us drills you have found effective. We are a team, a band of brothers, determined to develop great young soccer players.

May 12th 2018 Jimmy Elder

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