BUD Inflatable Training Defender

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  • Blow Up Dummy Mannequin AKA BUD | Soccer Training Equipment Mannequins
  • GK Safest mannequin on the Market
  • Blow Up Dummy soccer training Mannequin
  • Blow Up Dummy Mannequin AKA BUD Front and Back
  • Blow Up Dummy Mannequin Pump
  • Blow Up Dummy Mannequin  for All Ages
  • Blow Up Soccer Training Inflatable Dummy Set of 3
  • GK Air Dummy
  • Blow Up Dummy Air Mannequin
  • Blow Up Dummy Mannequin  for Goalkeepers
  • GK Diving Training
  • Blow Up Dummy GK Training
  • GK Reaction Training


B.U.D. aka Blow Up soccer Dummy

The Blow Up (inflatable soccer) Dummy was made to improve goalkeeper training, our B.U.D. acts as a static defender that serves as an obstacle for goalkeepers during crossing and shooting drills by replacing a field playerIt can be effective for shooting, diving, shot blocking, crosses, and much more. Inflated by air, the B.U.D. is not only effective in creating game like situations, but it also helps prevent injuries when players or diving goalkeepers make contact with it. We have taken every precaution designing the perfect training tool that will keep Goalkeepers safe during training sessions, we have developed the safest mannequin on the market. Our mannequin comes with a hand pump which allows to inflate your bud in less than 45 seconds and get to training in no time, but not only does the B.U.D. inflate in less than a minute, but with the quick release valve it can deflate in no time as well, this makes for easy storage when not in use as well as allowing you to quickly set up your soccer training drills anywhere. The B.U.D. was constructed with two handles at the base which allows quick movement as you transition into your next training exercise.

As seen used by Club America. 

  • Improve Goalkeeper Training
  • Safe and Effective 
  • 6' 3" Tall Mannequin
  • Inflates in 45 seconds
  • Quick Release Valve
  • Pump Included
  • Choose Single B.U.D.
  • Choose Set of 3
  • 1 Pump Included for a single or set of 3. No need to purchase an additional pump.



  • Improve Goalkeeper Training
  • Safe and Effective
  • Premium Material
  • Inflates in 45 Seconds
  • Easy to Transport
  • Quick Release Valve
  • Effective for Shooting
  • Effective for Dribbling
  • Effective for Diving
  • Effective for Blocking
  • Effective for Crosses
  • Safest Mannequin on the Market


  • Length X Width x Depth - 190cm x 51cm x 17cm (75in x 20in x 6.5in)
  • Round Bottom Base: Diameter - 51cm (20in)


  • Includes 1 Pump

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90 Days

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Warranty Information

90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
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