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Unleash the potential of your players and elevate your training sessions to professional levels with our Pro-Level Soccer Training Mannequins, meticulously designed for use on both grass and turf surfaces. Crafted with precision and innovation, these mannequins are engineered to enhance accuracy, agility, and tactical skills, making them an indispensable asset for coaches and players striving for excellence. Its lifelike size and shape provide players with a consistent target during shooting, passing, and dribbling drills, enabling them to enhance their accuracy and ball control skills effectively.

Whether you're practicing in the backyard, on a professional soccer field, or indoor turf, our Soccer Mannequin with Rubber Turf Base adapts seamlessly to different training environments. Its versatile design makes it suitable for catering to the diverse needs of players and coaches. Its crafted of high-quality UV protected nylon construction for superior durability to  ensure long-lasting performance, making it a reliable training companion for years to come. 

Our Pro level soccer training mannequins for grass and turf stands at 6ft tall in grass and 6' 4'' in the turf base (turf base sold seperate). 

Available in 3 Vibrant colors:

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange

Pro Training Mannequins are excellent tools to work on free-kicks using them as a training wall mimicing players in a game situation. Designed to be a visual obstruction similar to a human blocking the goalkeepers view. Regular practice against these simulated opponents boosts your confidence, ensuring that you remain calm under pressure during live matches.

The spikes in the mannequin are inserted into the heavy duty rubber turf base. The Turf base can also accept speed poles with and without spikes. 

Invest in this high-quality training tool and witness your players' skills reach new heights as they practice with precision, confidence, and focus. Get ready to transform your training sessions and unleash the full potential of your team on the field.

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The Pro Training Mannequin Turf Base is the perfect option for those who play on artificial turf! The Pro Training Mannequin features a robust rubber turf base that offers exceptional stability on various surfaces, including grass and artificial turf. The weighted base ensures the mannequin remains firmly in place, even during intense training sessions while standing firm in all weather conditions. This allows players to focus entirely on their techniques without disruptions.