Soccer Innovations


  • Soccer Wall Pro Training Mannequin Rubber Turf Base
  • Soccer Wall Pro Training Mannequin  with Rubber Turf Base
  • soccer training dummie turf base for Pro Training Mannequin plastic dummies


Turf Base for Traditional Pro Mannequin 800 series.

Prepare your team for victory with our Pro Soccer Mannequin Rubber Turf Base, designed to withstand intense training sessions and deliver exceptional performance on any playing surface and in any weather conditions. The Soccer Mannequin features a robust rubber turf base that offers exceptional stability on various surfaces, including grass and artificial turf. The weighted base ensures the mannequin remains firmly in place, even during intense training sessions, allowing players to focus entirely on their techniques without disruptions

Built wider and heavier than the competition to keep your Pro Training Mannequins upright longer. Specifically designed for the Pro Mannequin but it also fits speed and agility poles with and without spike.


  • Essential for  teams that play on artifical grass
  • Rubber Based designed with weatherproof rubber to withstand all elements
  • 4 holes positioned ontop of base to place Pro Mannequin in 
  • 24lbs 
  • Black



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