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The Soccer Wall™ Turf Mannequin is the best hard surface portable mannequin on the market today. We have designed and perfected our mannequins to be more than just a free kick mannequin. The spring loaded base allows for the mannequin to be utilized on any hard surface.

The base is adaptable to use the Soccer Wall™ grass spike converting The Soccer Wall™ Turf Mannequin for outdoor grass use as well This makes the Soccer Wall™ Mannequins more convenient than ever.

Wind resistance detachable human shaped mesh body and round unbreakable 2pc pole creates a lifelike training mannequin. Its multi-functional features as a mannequin with the body, and a speed pole by removing the body, gives you the ability to create game like scenarios by improving your dribbling, passing, shooting, tactical formation, spatial awareness, free kicks, offsides trap, and more!

These mannequins provide a more realistic ball deflection when struck by the ball with the body flexing as it is struck, it gives a better representation of an opponents presence in the playing area.

Use to represent and create an offside line which forces players to make accurate and better timed runs behind the opponent without being off-side as well as creating and simulating a defense on crosses/corners, 1 touch and creating passing combinations.

Our mannequins were built for storage convenience with its patented collapsible pole and body features, allows the mannequin to be carried around with you everywhere you go. 


Features Include:

  • Lightweight and wind resistant.
  • Deflects balls keeping the mannequin upright.
  • 2pc Pole clicks on and off with a bush button and flex's when hit with spring spike
  • Built for portability with wheels on turf base
  • Multiple colors available
  • Realistic deflections
  • Added sand bag for heavy wind condition 
  • Fill turf base with weight by adding sand or concrete
  • Convert to grass model. (Grass spikes separately)


  • Converts to Grass
  • Wind Resistant
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Lightest Mannequin in the World
  • Multi-fuctional 
  • Quick and Easy to Set up 
  • Lightest Yet Durable 
  • Collapsible Pole
  • Collapsible Mannequin
  • No Break Guaranteed
  • Improve Your Peripheral Vision
  • Realistic Shadow Play
  • Realistic Deflections
  • Lifelike Dribbling
  • Fits into a Small Bag (Sold Separately)
  • Converts to Grass with Optional Grass Spike


  • Set up Mannequin: Length x Width - 155cm x 61cm (61.2in x 24in)
  • Mannequin Body: Length x Width - 170cm x 61cm (67in x 24in)
  • Mannequin Head : Length x Width - 30cm x 30cm (12in x 12in)
  • Mannequin Shoulders: Length - 61cm (24in) 
  • Mannequin Waist: Length - 47cm (18.5in)
  • Mannequin Bottom Bar: Length - 47cm (18.5in)
  • Set up Pole: Length x Width - 179cm (70.5in)
  • Collapsed Pole Part B: Length x Width - 95cm x 2.54cm (37.5in x 1in)
  • Collapsed Pole Part B2: Length x Width - 91cm x 2.54cm (36in x 1in) 
  • Turf Base: Depth x Width x Height - 43cm x 41cm x 8cm (17in x 16in x 3in)
  • Round Sand Bag : Diameter - 38cm (15in)
  • Spring Base: Height x Width - 10cm x 3cm (4in x 1in)


  • Includes 1 Collapsible Mannequin
  • Includes 1 Collapsible Pole
  • Includes 1 Spring Turf Base
  • Includes 1 Round Sandbag
  • Includes Set up Instructions
  • Includes Drill Instructions
  • Includes Folding Mannequin Instructions
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Warranty Information

90 Manufacturer Warranty
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