​What training equipment do you need for soccer?

​What training equipment do you need for soccer?

Great question! We have made it really easy for anyone to ensure they have the minimum required equipment to help develop players as a soccer coach, dad, mom and/or private trainer.

The below is what we recommend as a solid soccer training equipment foundation to be successful.

Soccer Innovations specializes in developing cutting edge soccer training equipment for all skill levels and you can find our own brand of equipment recommended below on our website,, BSN, epic sports & many other approved online retailers and stores.

This list can be used in general and from other suppliers; however, we are the experts and highly recommend our Soccer Innovations products for those looking at the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

Soccer Innovations is a professional grade equipment line that is needed for more than weekend backyard use.

Rec Soccer: (all ages from 4 to adults)

  • Portable small sided soccer goals (4x6 and smaller)
  • Soccer disc cones for dribbling drills (any size can work)
  • Soccer Balls (Machine stitched balls only. I.e our Bullet Ball)
  • Small coaches notebook session planner (nothing fancy.. Keep it under $20-$30)

Advanced youth/club soccer: (Optional)

  • The Soccer Wall Mini mannequin set of 4

Youth/Club Soccer: (ages 8 to 19 years old)

  • Portable small sided soccer goals
  • Semi-permanent soccer goals such as flat face goals or aluminum goals
  • Soccer Cones
  • Soccer balls that are at least a hybrid or thermo bonded quality level (No machine stitched soccer balls. Think soccer balls under $30 as a rule of thumb.)
  • Speed & agility ladder for speed footwork
  • Soccer agility poles
  • Training Mannequins (portable)
  • Flat dot markers/field markers
  • Flat Back 4 Belt for defensive shape & fitness training
  • Magnetic tactic board
  • Training bibs/vests/pinnies

Advanced youth/club soccer: (Optional)

  • Rebounder
  • Field marking tape
  • Hurdles
  • PK Pro target shooting net
  • Kosmo Cooler - team water cooler, 5 gal. with legs
  • Cone King
  • Soccer Tennis Strap
  • Soccer Tennis
  • Jimmy Ball Technique Trainer
  • Goalkeeper Strength Training Bungee

Semi Pro/Professional Soccer: (ages 18 to adults)

  • Everything from above + the below advanced level of soccer equipment
  • Minimum of 8 training mannequins/dummies
  • BUD aka Blow Up Dummy inflatable & safe training mannequin for players and goalkeepers
  • Locker room aluminum double sided tactic board
  • Full size permanent match goals
  • 4mm soccer goal nets
  • Custom corner flags
  • Ball pressure guage
  • Thermo molded match soccer balls (quantity min: 20)
  • Pitch line marking set
  • MVP Team Shelter custom stadium team bench covers
  • Premier Training vests
  • Premier coaches folder

Use this as a guide and a wishlist to help advance the skill level of your soccer team whether it is cognitive or physical. Not all items are a must have and you can certainly go above and beyond!

Our goal at Soccer Innovations is to help provide the tools necessary to all coaches and players to ensure US Soccer continues to improve. We have hundreds of reviews to back up our brand and quality standard we uphold.

We are customer service oriented. Feel free to contact us directly by phone or email. We are happy to provide a quote with the products you are looking for. We are soccer equipment experts and are ready to help. 

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