Soccer Wall Mannequin

Soccer Wall Mannequin

Soccer Wall Mannequins 

The market for soccer wall mannequins are becoming more popular by the day.  You are starting to see a number of different materials, manufacturers, and designs.  So what makes a good mannequin?  We are obviously partial to our own Soccer Innovations Soccer Wall Mannequin.  However, there are many benefits to our design verse other competitors.  You can start by looking at the photo design we have provided in this blog.  Let's discuss some of the variables.


Lugging around a mannequin from practice to practice can be a pain.  The weight and bulkiness makes it difficult to carry around or move during practice.  The Soccer Innovations Soccer Wall Mannequin weighs less than 4 lbs.  Even better, it is collapsible which makes it incredibly easy to store. Most competitors mannequins are heavy and do not collapse.  This can make it difficult to store your mannequin after practice, and makes carrying heavyweight equipment get really old really quick.

Adjustable Height:

Most competitors mannequins are a one height, non- adjustable size.  Therefore, you cannot create a height that fits the age group you are training.  Also, can we be honest?  When have you ever seen a defensive wall where all the players standing in it are the same size?  Never!  The Soccer Innovations Soccer Wall Mannequin has an adjusting telescoping pole.  This is not only advantageous to create defenders at different heights, but its makes it unbelievably  easy to store or take with you on the go.

Product Material:

Most competitors you see on the market normally produce their mannequins out of plastic.  This can be a burden for a couple of reasons.  Depending on the age and ability to strike a ball, plastic can easily break when free kicks are hit with the highest of velocity.  This doesn't give the plastic mannequin a very long life-span.  Our Soccer Innovations Mannequins are made with wind resistant mesh covers.  This prevents the mannequin from breaking, being blown over, and create realistic ball deflections.  This helps to not only train the free kick taker, but can also be utilized in goalkeeper training.

Overall, there are many types of mannequins out on the market today.  The styles vary and some can present some difficulties in utilizing them correctly or for long periods of time.  We believe we have the BEST soccer mannequin on the market today.  It is lightweight, durable, adjustable, and creates real game scenarios!

Be sure to check out our youth, pro, club, and turf models as well.  As always, if you have an questions, just ask! 

Aug 12th 2019 Jonah Longino

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