Soccer Training Equipment: How to Choose the Right Rebounder

Soccer Training Equipment: How to Choose the Right Rebounder

If you are looking to increase your skill and get in some great training on your own, a soccer training tool called a rebounder is a very good tool to have. However, there are many things to consider before choosing the right rebounder for your needs.

The Right Size

Soccer training equipment like a rebounder comes in many sizes. If you are an older soccer player, or a very strong kicker, a small rebounder may not work for you. The power of your kicks would be knocking the rebounder over all the time.

However, if you are looking to practice accuracy and placement, a small rebounder could be what you need, because it will give you a smaller target to challenge yourself with. Smaller rebounders are also more portable.

Frame Materials

For young soccer players, or players who don’t have super strong kicks, a plastic or fiberglass frame for a rebounder is a good option. This makes the equipment light and portable. However, most rebounders are made of metal, just because the material will stand up to kicks better. Whichever material you choose, be sure to look for the coating. You want something that will keep the rebounder from rusting in the outdoors.

Frame Shape

Some rebounders are simple squares, but not all. Others are shaped like players, which can help you improve your passing accuracy, and still others have a T shape. All the different shapes help you improve your accuracy at different angles, because the shape will cause the ball to be returned to you in a new way. Also consider whether you want a multi-purpose training tool . Some rebounders can also work as soccer goals if you simply change the net, which can make personal training easier and more affordable.

Quality Netting

Finally, you want to choose soccer training equipment like a rebounder that has excellent netting. Look for very tightly knit netting that has all-weather coating. Most of the time, this will be made of bungee cord, or the netting will be attached to springs to help improve the tension. This is what creates the rebound effect that you are looking for with this training tool. Don’t worry if you find that the netting starts to lose elasticity eventually – this is common, and replacing the netting is very easy.

Use this guide to help you find the best soccer rebounder for your needs.

Jul 3rd 2018 Jimmy

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