​Soccer Goals: How to choose a soccer goal?

​Soccer Goals: How to choose a soccer goal?

There are many important key factors when it comes to selecting the best soccer goal for your needs. From the size of the goal to the domain that the goal will be exposed to. So what makes a good soccer goal?

Appropriate Size

Whether you are using your soccer goal for training or a competitive event, you must be using the correct size of the goal. The official size of a goal for a match with a majority of most age groups is an 8’ x 24’. However, younger youth programs also use a "6x 18". The goal you use must be approved by FIFA, NCAA, NFHS, and ASTM. When it comes to getting ready for a game day, practice is essential to success so it is crucial to know what soccer goal you must use. You want to choose a soccer goal that can be easily assembled and disassembled, a goal that you can move from one side to another, and a goal that can handle the intense training you are prepared for. The Premier Park 6.5’ x 18.5’ Regulation Aluminum Soccer Goal from SoccerInnovations is excellent for your needs. There are times when you are unable to practice or play in a big field, so perimeter becomes limited. You cannot use a real size goal but you are not lost. The 4’ x 6’ is the right size for your target practice or just practice itself. The Premier Pro Park 4’ x 6’ is the right choice when you need a portable soccer goal, and can also be used for small sided games. Selecting the appropriate size goal for you is essential to your need so make sure you are using the correct size for your purpose.


Big purchases entail some tough decisions, and require a lot of analyzing, so you must make sure to select the right material for your soccer goal. Your soccer goal must be strong enough to handle the elite training you are working on, and  be strong enough to handle the normal wear and tear from constant use. The soccer goal must be made out of a strong material such as aluminum.  It is strong, durable, and light. Aluminum is more common for permanent goals because of its qualities, so an aluminum goal is typically the most popular choice. This also will allow for easier mobility if the goal is needed to be moved for maintenance or field change. SoccerInnovations’ Premier Park Series uses 3” aluminum round tubing to meet these requirements and provide the best quality possible.


You never know when accidents happen so to be prepared for them is always the right choice. A soccer goal that has a lifetime frame warranty is a must when purchasing a goal. Having to replace your broken soccer goals all the time is no fun for you and your wallet. The Premier Park Soccer Goals Series from SoccerInnovations has a lifetime frame warranty so you can be stress-free.

Whether you are playing a Sunday league to a backyard afternoon practice, you must use the right soccer goal. The Premier Park Series has many options that will offer the right size, durability, and the warranty you need to choose the right goal. Use this guide to make the right choice next time you are looking for a soccer goal. 

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Aug 23rd 2019 Tony Arredondo

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