Soccer Equipment List: What are the basic needs?

Soccer Equipment List: What are the basic needs?

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Starting your kids in youth soccer is one of the first involvements of social setting or sports that kids are involved in.  Kids can be playing soccer as young as three years old. Regardless of what age your son/daughter starts playing soccer, you will always need a few basic items.  There are also always options of training equipment that each team will need for practice, or that your child can use on their own to take their game to the next level.  Here are the bare essentials:

Soccer Cleats- these are must have.  Players cannot begin to play soccer without cleats.  Think of it as an artist.  An artist cannot create paintings without a paint brush, just as a soccer player cannot compete without cleats.

Soccer Ball- a soccer ball is the focal point of the entire game.  Without a soccer ball, neither team can achieve the main objection of scoring a goal.  Even if the game is for fun, there is no ability to play without a soccer ball.

Uniforms- a majority of the time this will be purchased through the team or soccer association your child is playing in.  Most city organizations will require matching uniforms to participate in their league. 

Beyond those three things for a young kid starting to play soccer, the only other things needed are a willingness to learn and always have fun.  

As your child develops a love for the game and becomes more competitive, other equipment will become a necessity.  You might be interested in purchasing speed or agility equipment to help improve on footwork or quickness.  If your child becomes the goalkeeper, there are many position based training exercises and equipment based solely on that position.  There is equipment to improve dribbling, passing, shooting, heading, and anything else you may need to take your child to the next level.

We at Soccer Innovations take pride in providing state of the art equipment that can help improve any soccer player.  We market and serve from youth levels all the way to the pros.  

If you need help or don't quite know what your are looking for, just ask!  We look forward to helping you and your child enjoy a lifetime of fun and memories playing the greatest sport in the world, soccer!

Jul 29th 2019 Jonah Longino

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