How does the Select Club DB stand up in a side by side comparison to the Soccer Innovations Bullet Ball?

Battle of the best machine stitched training soccer balls. Who wins? We will tell you @ the end, but first, let's break it down into category comparisons outlined below. 

  1. Cost
  2. Outer-casing Material
  3. Padding
  4. Stitching
  5. Inflation & Bladder
  6. Country of Manufacture (This matters!) 

Under each category, there will be a winner, loser or a dead tie. At the end, we will share the over all winner of the head to head match-up.


The price of the ball matters. Always has and always will. Adds up quickly when you buy 10-20 at a time. 

  • Select Club DB - $29.99 
  • Soccer Innovations Bullet Ball - $23.00 

- Cost @ 20 balls:

  • Select Club DB: $599.80
  • Soccer Innovations Bullet Ball: $460 ($139.80 savings!)

WINNER: Bullet Ball


Ironically, the outer-casing of each of the 2 balls are identical. The same textured TPU laminated casing. 



Padding is an important component to how a soccer ball plays. To put it plainly.. more padding = softer feel. That's a softer soccer ball to head & kick. When it's cold out, believe me, that makes a huge difference. It's all about the mm in padding. 

  • Select Club DB - 3mm
  • Soccer Innovations Bullet Ball - 5mm

WINNER: Bullet Ball


Stitching method is important. There are 4 ways to stitch a ball. Below are the methods ranked from the highest quality/best method of securing ball panels to the fastest and most affordable method. 

  1. Thermo Bonded
  2. Hybrid combination
  3. Hand Stitched
  4. Machine Stitched

In the current battle, we are comparing machine stitched soccer balls. It's your best bang for buck soccer ball and often referred to as a "training ball" type of soccer ball. The stitches are closer together and the thread is much thinner. It's more susceptible to thread breakage over time and with more powerful players striking the ball. 

  • Select Club DB - Machine Stitched
  • Soccer Innovations Bullet Ball - Machine Stitched

Select says this ball is "glue sealed", but it's a half hazard glue seal if you ask us. It's got holes all around the panels. Probably keeps more water in it than out. I don't buy this claim at all. Sorry. 

The Bullet Ball has super tight stitching & a patented restrictive bladder inside which repels water better and keeps your ball perfectly round (less than 2% in perfect sphericity) through a 2000x shape & size retention test! 

WINNER: Bullet Ball


Inflation plays a key role in creating a soccer ball for all levels and ages. Especially in a machine stitched ball. It reduces the risk of breaking threads and how easy it is to kick or head a soccer ball. As ball experts, we want to ensure the ball is properly inflated to the players using the ball. These are only recommendations, but referees abide by them.

  • Select Club DB - 8.7-11.6 PSI
  • Soccer Innovations Bullet Ball - 6-8.5 PSI

Wow... Select balls have way too high of a recommended PSI. Nobody wants their kids to get a concussion heading a 3mm padded machine stitched ball inflated to 11.6 PSI! That's as hard as a rock. Heading this ball kicked at 50 mph from 10 yards away.. get an ice pack STAT. 

That kid is going to be afraid to head another ball the rest of his life. I know this from personal experience. It's why I started making my own soccer balls. When I was 10 @ TATU's soccer camp, I headed one of these hand stitched Select balls. Instantly had a headache and needed to throw up. To this day, I'm still hesitant to head any other ball that's not Soccer Innovations. This is not a joke. 

WINNER: Soccer Innovations Bullet Ball 


Quality comes down to personal preference. Does quality mean better materials used or longevity of the ball? Maybe it's the price you pay some might view it. Maybe even if it has a fancy stamp of approval on it like FIFA, IMS or NFHS. If it does, you're definitely paying a royalty to them for the stamp. 

All Soccer Innovations balls are FIFA approved. Tested in the best labs by FIFA, IMS and NFHS. We meet all the standards. Just don't need to pay a royalty so the ball costs more to the end user. Especially for a training ball. 

It's not even a competition when it comes to quality. Our standards are higher than any other ball manufacturer on the market. Don't be fooled by high prices and big money brands like Adidas, Nike, Select, Puma or Under Armour. Adidas balls are made at the same factory we make ours at. Nike tests their new balls around our patented mannequins, Select is 10 years behind the curve saying hand stitched balls are still the best, Wilson & Score buy sales with sponsoring the big leagues like NCAA & UPSL and the rest just sell balls bc they can. 

WINNER: Soccer Innovations Bullet Ball

Country of Manufacturer:

Both Select & Soccer Innovations balls are made in Pakistan. Why is this important? It's bc Pakistan makes the best balls in the world. They are the undebatable kings of soccer balls. Probably will be for decades to come. 

I give props to Select for making their Select Club DB in Pakistan. They've done it right here and deserve to be recognized for not moving to China or some other foreign country to save pennies on the dollar. Good job Select.


Finally, it's pretty clear at this point who the winner is. The Soccer Innovations Bullet Ball is the winner. 

I enjoy & a true passion of mine to make the best soccer balls in the world. I don't make millions of soccer balls a year like Adidas, Nike or Select. But I know how to make an elite line of balls from my experience living, selling and manufacturing from all over the world. I use my extensive playing history to develop today's most modern and affordable soccer balls anyone can buy. 

What is my favorite ball to play with? Well, I have 2. The Hyper Sonic is my favorite to play with in the men's league and the Inverter 12 panel is my favorite in coed leagues or indoor fields with dim lighting. Both are comparable to a $150 to $200 big name brand of match ball. Give either a try. You'll never buy big name again if you do. 

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Jun 28th 2021 Jeremy the German

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