Properly Inflating A Soccer Ball

Properly Inflating A Soccer Ball

The amount of air pressure a ball has is essential to the game. If it’s even slightly deflated it can make it harder to be accurate when kicking. If you inflate it too much, it can feel hard when you kick it or even burst. Too little or too much will definitely affect the bounce of it.

It is an easy process to get your ball properly inflated and here at Soccer Innovations we have all the essentials to do it so you can enjoy the game. All you will need is either a hand pump or electric pump, a pump needle (usually comes with pump), a pressure gauge (optional), and of course your soccer ball. You will also need glycerin oil or silicone oil to lubricate the needle. Not lubricating the soccer balls valve can cause the needle to break and possibly get stuck in the ball.

The amount of air pressure can depend on the ball. Most balls normally have pressure rating of 6 to 8 lbs. Other ways to test your ball is by bouncing the ball and listen to the sound of the bounce. Give it a quick juggle test to ensure it isn't rock hard when kicking it.

Make sure to visit our website to purchase a hand pump and a set of needles. You can also find some of our top-quality soccer balls for a good price. Check out our NFHS approved Tazmania Thermo ball or our Inverter Thermo ball. Whichever you go with, I’m sure when properly inflated you will definitely enjoy playing with.

Aug 16th 2019 Pablo Ortiz

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