Individual Training with Footy Factory| First Touch (Directional)

Individual Training with Footy Factory| First Touch (Directional)

Footy Factory has put together a video series on individual and home soccer training to keep fit and improve individual player skills and techniques on your own. Here is one of our favorites they have recently posted with the beautiful bridge in the background in our hometown, Dallas. 

FULL Training Session for players of any level to do on their own at home. A first touch into space or away from pressure will give you control of the game. The best players touch the ball with a purpose. All you need is a ball, 4 cones, and a wall to work this session! 


Find more YouTube videos on their YouTube Channel & follow them online! 


Facebook: Footy Factory 

Instagram: @footyfactory 

Twitter: @footyfactory



Soccer Innovations Products shown in video:

- Speed Ball hybrid soccer ball with patented DualTech Technology

- Mini Cones Set

Jun 4th 2020 Jeremy Elder

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