Dallas/Fort Worth Indoor Soccer Centers

Dallas/Fort Worth Indoor Soccer Centers

Wonder where the best places to play for your skill level? Prefer Futsal over Indoor Soccer? 

Author: Pam Zuniga

There are many indoor soccer facilities around DFW and so many leagues to play in. From my home area in Carrollton to Euless, some in east Dallas, others in Duncanville, and some all the way in Frisco. A few prominent facilities you may know are The Pit, the famed Blue Sky, American Indoor, Soccer Spectrum, Southlake Stampede, The Fieldhouse and most likely City Futsal.

Here are a couple you might have not heard of..

Real Soccer Center right off 35 and Crosby in Carrollton. Has everything from toddler skills program to their own academy skills program with some top-notch trainers. The staff is always very welcoming and helpful at any request you may have. The facility is dazzling for how small it is. However recently it looks like they added baseball pitching mounts that are seen when you walk in through the doors. Once you walk towards the back you will see the 6 small, non-bordered soccer fields. These fields are marked off with regular white boundary lines which means there are ins and outs throughout the game.

Inwood Soccer Center right in the middle of Addison food center; off Belt Line and Inwood rd. 2 decent sized fields. One that is called the main field and the other that is inside a dome. These leagues are competitive for the top 2 brackets after that the rest of the other 3 brackets are decent. The field is a padded turf field which is different to the regular turf that is at RSC or Blue Sky. After a long run in that main field you can find yourself upstairs drinking a cup of beer cheering for the next teams playing beneath.

World Cup Indoor might not be your ideal indoor place to play in BUT there are very competitive teams for women and men. The fields are as small as the fields in Real Soccer center with walls around them. The speed of play is much faster as there are no in and out boundaries just like Inwood Soccer Center. Here is where you can find elite soccer players with extraordinary foot work. The only problem is organization of each bracket. It's always a toss up on who is set to play and oddly enough there is always a team that is ready to play if the original teams do not show.

Indoor Soccer World is another questionable indoor facility but nonetheless most competitive facility I have played at thus far (at least for women's league). Located in the middle of Garland, this facility has 2 mid size fields with walls around them too. Fast pace and supreme soccer players competing against each other makes the drive worth it. They also have a competitive coed bracket that are typically Thursday nights. The league fee is also fairly cheap unlike The Pit or Blue Sky that require $600-700 for a season. My only worry is breaking an ankle with the turf field they have on each field. It looks like pieces of turf put together to make up the field.

American Indoor is another indoor soccer center that has a really nice field that is pretty big in size and usually kept clean in Carrollton, Texas. Their facility is top-notch, but after that, everything starts to go down hill. You need to buy a jersey from them and the jersey is a cotton tee. The worst kind of shirt to play indoor soccer in. Because I make shirts at Soccer Innovations, I know how much a quality dri-fit style shirt is and how much artwork costs. For the same price, they could offer a dri-fit shirt for the same price. If you're looking for quality reffing, look somewhere else. The refs are not qualified and typically play with a couple teams in your league, so it's a mess. Refs adhere to their own rules and adjust them to whatever the ref thinks they are. This leaves each game having to guess what rules the ref might be following. The quality of play is ok, but with Real Soccer Center and the brand new Blue Sky in Carrollton down the road opened up, I can see a lot of teams moving to a more professional organization with refs that are qualified, organized, professional and they always have 2 refs for every game who communicate through a radio. 

*An import note to consider is Blue Sky Carrollton and Inwood both serve alcohol. When I was a kid, Soccer Spectrum did as well, but not sure if they still do today. 

Stay tuned for my next post on outdoor soccer facilities in the Dallas Metroplex!

- Pam Z. | Dallas Adult Women's/Coed Soccer Player

Apr 18th 2019 Pam Zuniga from Soccer Innovations

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