7 Things to Consider When Buying Portable Soccer Goals

7 Things to Consider When Buying Portable Soccer Goals

Whether you need a good soccer goal for your kid’s backyard practice, or you want something easy to take with you to the park for your own pickup games, portable soccer goals have become popular options for athletes of all ages.

No longer dependent on cheap folding soccer goals that fall over at every kick, the portable soccer goals we sell offer great features that outshine many permanent goals. Here are seven things to consider when buying a portable goal .

  1. Is it good quality? Not every portable soccer goal is made of high quality materials. Some do sacrifice quality in order to maximize portability. For kids playing around, this may not be a huge factor, but it also means you’ll be replacing it soon. Look for something made of aluminum rather than plastic, for example.
  2. How easy is it to put together? Some of these so-called portable soccer goals are getting more complicated than you’d think! If you want it for its portability, be sure to consider how easy you can assemble it.
  3. Does it include a storage bag, or is it easy to store? A portable goal should have a very easy way to pack up and go anywhere.
  4. Does it offer multiple uses? Is this goal only meant for training and playing around, or is it made to the standards for league matches or tournaments? That could make it very useful for community clubs.
  5. Is this goal made for kids, or is it more suited for adults? There are some portable soccer goals geared towards young players, in a size and of materials better suited to their level. However, there are others that are better suited to adults.
  6. Just how portable is this goal, really? Is it light enough to carry? Does it fit in your trunk when disassembled? Could you carry its bag on public transportation? Depending on your needs, determine just how portable you need this goal to be.
  7. Is it worth the price? Finally, consider if you will get enough use out of this goal to make it worth the cost. Many portable goals are inexpensive, but some are not. Consider if the price would be better invested in a permanent, more durable goal instead.

You can use these seven things to find the perfect portable goal for your training or playing needs.

Jul 19th 2018 Jimmy

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