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Jimmy Ball 2.0

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The Jimmy Ball 2.0 is a fantastic and innovative training tool used for developing fundamental soccer skills and technique for youth and adult players alike! 

With hands free realistic technique and skills training, it will quickly develop motor skills for youth players and improve adult players soft touch on the ball. Using the Jimmy Ball will get you hundreds of touches on the ball in mere minutes.

The Jimmy Ball teaches players to use their weak foot, strike the ball properly with inside of the foot, outside of the foot, instep drive, timing, concentration, confidence on the ball and have incredible control. Mastering passing and ball striking skills is essential to player development.

For years, coaches have been tossing balls gently at soccer players' feet to develop, maintain and perfect their touch and skill. The Jimmy Ball with its non-stretch cord, does exactly that! In fact, it does it even better as now the players can play the soccer ball in all directions and get an immediate return. Unlike a coach or teammate tossing the ball in 1 direction at a player the Jimmy Ball comes back faster and more consistently even with the player making a back kick, pass or strike. 

In addition, the player is very likely to use parts of their strong and weak foot that they never used before. It's a natural profession with this tool. 

You can quickly adjust the cord length and padded chest harness to fit any size player from age 3 to adults and comes in a size 3 skills size ball. By using a size 3, forcing older players to have better control of the ball. Master a size 3 and size 4 and 5 ball control is a breeze! 

Watch Jimmy Ball YouTube shorts for lots of fun videos using the Jimmy Ball here -->> The Jimmy Ball YouTube


  • It allows the player to kick without holding a cord.
  • It returns the ball in a realistic and game like way.
  • It allows consistent repetition which makes players better, faster.
  • It forces players to use both feet, developing the neglected, weak foot.
  • It's fun and requires little space. Use it anywhere!
  • It improves coordination and soft touch, very important soccer requirements.
  • It's great for any age. 
  • It's great for Home Training and Team Training

One size fits all soccer skills size 3 for all ages & skill levels.

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90 Day manufacturer warranty
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