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  • White Field & pitch Marking Strips and Corner Field Marker Set with Carry bag
  • Soccer field flat markers carry bag in white
  • Field Marking Set with Bag  and Soccer Skills Net
  • Field and field Marking Set with Bag Soccer Skills net
  • White Field Marking Set of 12 flat field markers for soccer
  • Field Marking Set Corner Markers
  • Field Marking Set Rectangular Markers


Field & Pitch Line Marking Set

The Field and Pitch Marking Line Set is the fastest and most simple way to mark and line your soccer field.

With the Field Marking Set, you can create your perimeter without worrying about damaging your cones. They are visible eye-catching rubberized vinyl strips & corners that will highlight your area. The strips and corners come with high durable gripping teeth that will prevent movement of the marking from all sorts of environments. From grass fields to gym floors, the Field Marking Set will not be affected by wind or by stepping on them. The possibility is endless when creating non-permanent pitches, fields, training boxes, fitness lines, goal boxes and agility usage. 

Designed to be used in varieties of soccer & training configurations. No matter what the weather is, these marking strips and corner markers are the go to marking tool for every coach. 

Weave in and out through them, line them up like a speed ladder and one wrong step won't ruin the entire ladder or halt the training to re-align your ladder. Mark your Rondo ring, mark a soccer tennis boundary or create a goalkeeper box for crossing drills. The strips are a fantastic multi-use tool.

  • 4 White durable rubberized corner field & pitch markers
  • 12 White flexible rubberized line field & pitch markers
  • 3” x 13.5” (Line strip)
  • 3” x 8” x 8” (Corner)
  • Lightweight & easy to transport
  • Bag included


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Warranty Information

90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
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