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  • 12 Panel Thermo Bonded Inverter Size 5 Soccer Ball by soccer innovations
  • 12 Panel Inverter Thermo Winter Soccer Ball
  • Embossed yellow inverter soccer ball
  • Winter Thermo Bonded Inverter Size 5 Match Soccer Ball
  • Air inflation recommendation on winter 12 panel inverter soccer ball
  • WPSL Winter Inverter Soccer Ball - Soccer Innovations
  • 12 Panel Thermo bonded Winter match ball - Inverter Soccer Innovations
  • FIFA quality approved Inverter Thermo Soccer Ball
  • Inverter Thermo Molded Soccer Ball WPSL
  • WPSL Texas Spurs - Inverter Thermo Match Soccer Ball Header
  • WPSL Texas Spurs - Inverter Thermo Match Soccer Ball
  • Inverter Thermo Molded Soccer Ball WPSL Action
  • Inverter Thermo bonded size 5 neon yellow 12 panel match soccer ball by Soccer Innovations

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Inverter Thermo Match Soccer Ball

Our super bright fluerescent yellow Winter Inverter Soccer Ball is a thermo molded and new age seamless soccer ball with a 12 panel design.  Similar to our Tazmania Match Soccer Ball, this new thermo molded ball will hold air, repel water, resist wear, play soft in extreme cold conditions and be your favorite soccer ball!   It's perfect spherical shape allows the ball to fly faster, further and more accurately.   

Our Inverter Soccer Ball is made with a Restricted Bladder™  which means it will always keep its official size without compressing the balls padding, resulting in a longer life and a softer feel when kicking.   And you cannot beat the price!  Check out our competitors pricing on like balls which ranges from $100 to $150!   We guarantee your satisfaction!  

  • Thermo Bonded Match Ball
  • Waterproof Design
  • FIFA Quality - Pro Specifications
  • No Stretch Guaranteed
  • Low Air Loss Bladder - Stays Inflated for Months
  • Soft Feel, Even in the Cold! 
  • Perfect Sphericity Allows the Ball to Fly Faster, Further and More Accurately
  • Custom shaped 12 Panel Technology Design
  • Use for Games and Practices

Soccer balls have come a long way over the last 30 years.   Today's soccer balls are made with popping colors and different textures and a variety of patterns and weights.   Soccer balls are primarily made in Asia.   China, Pakistan and India are top sources of top soccer balls.   

China has perfected the "machine stitched" soccer ball.    These balls are typically less expensive and lighter weight and used with the younger soccer players who do not kick as hard and prefer a lighter, softer and easier to kick soccer ball. 

Pakistan is where Soccer Ball production was mastered.  Pakistan specializes in "hand stitched" soccer balls.   Hand stitched soccer balls were the norm for decades.  Hand stitched soccer balls were preferred at the highest levels of the game because they have been more durable as the stitching thread is thicker and stronger.   

Modern Day Molded Soccer Balls:  The new waive of ball is the modern day molded soccer ball.   Technology has kicked in and now soccer balls can be made without stitches.  Advantages being the soccer ball material will hold its shape better as there are no stitches which stretch overtime.  Secondly without stitches you do not have seams that allow water to penetrate the surface and create added weight while playing. 

Hope this helps you choose a great Soccer Innovations Soccer Ball to meet your needs!  Call us if we can help you select the perfect soccer ball for your soccer player! 

Customization: Call us for a FREE Quote. 
Currently, a customized order turn around time is  4-6 weeks due to the high demand.
**For FREE logos put on ball orders over 20, balls must be purchased at retail price. Vector logo required (.AI or .EPS).
Minimum order Quantity 10 Soccer balls for $10 each ball. 
Please give us a call @ 972-353-0180 or email us with any inquiries.
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90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
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