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50 Pack of Multi-Color Disc Soccer Cones

Multi-color 8" disc cone set of 50 cones with soccer cone rack. 10 of each different color.

Ultra strong and durable variety pack built for lining or marking soccer fields, color coded fields, color awareness and fitness training exercises for all sports. A fantastic multi-purpose dome cone in 5 distinct & different colors. Every soccer coach needs a pack of 50 multi-colored cones in their coaching equipment bag. These weatherproof cones are built to last with their high grade and durable plastic construction. Quality soccer cones have a heavier design to resist movement and running away from you in gusts of wind that open soccer fields experience. 

Cone rack/stand hold 50 cones for easy transportation and storage. 8" wide x 2" tall in size. The 50 pack is great for the training pitch as it prepares you with plenty of cones for all field marking tactics and station training you've drawn up for your team(s). The perfect agility marker for dribbling your soccer ball around and through. Creates color coded passing gates for increases field awareness, peripheral vision and maintaining the players & team focus.

Cone Colors:
- Blue
- Yellow
- Orange
- Alpine White
- Red

*Cone colors may differ from shipment to shipment. Call for exact color combination.
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Warranty Information

30 Day Manufacturer Warranty
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