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5x3 Quick Fold Goal Bag

  • quick fold goal 5x3 carry bag
  • quick fold bag velcro strap
  • side view quick fold bag
  • quick fold bag and velcro
  • empty quick fold bag


If you are looking for easy storage & transport for your 5x3 Quick Fold™ aluminum soccer goals, look no further. Here at Soccer Innovations we have designed a quick and easy way to store and transport your Quick Fold™ aluminum soccer goals!

Our 5x3 Quick fold bag holds up to 2 of our medium sized Quick Fold™ goals. This heavy duty bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap or two single side straps to carry the goals. 


  • Velcro Strap
  • Holds (2) 5x3 Quick Fold™ Goals
  • Adjustable over the shoulder strap
  • Heavy duty reinforced bags
  • 2 single straps for a differnt carry option
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