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  • 30" Hurdle Pole| Dribbling Drill
  • 30" Hurdle Pole
  • 30" Hurdle Pole|  3 Position Cone x 30" Hurdle
  • 30" Hurdle Pole| Jumping over hurdle Action shot
  • 30" Hurdle Pole| Action Shot Dribbling
  • 30" Hurdle Pole| Soccer Passing Drill
  • 30" Hurdle Pole| Close up on Street cone and 30" Hurdle Pole
  • 30" Hurdle Pole| Developing soccer ball mastery
  • 30" Hurdle Pole| Soccer Agility Drill


Introducing our 30"  Agility Mini Pole – the ultimate tool to enhance your athletic performance and take your training to the next level! Crafted with precision and innovation, this mini pole is designed to boost your agility and overall athleticism. Measuring at the perfect 30 inches, it strikes the ideal balance between portability and effectiveness. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this mini pole is a versatile companion that can be used for a variety of drills to improve your quickness, footwork, and reaction time.

Pair this mini pole with our Street Cone or 3 Position Cone and the possibilities are endless with this combination. Passing drills, agility drills keeper drills and more!



  • 25mm (1") Diameter Soccer Hurdle Pole for Notched Cones
  • Length: 30"
  • QTY: 1 Pole
  • Great for Speed & Agility
  • Fits all Notched Soccer Cones
  • Color: Yellow


*Hurdle Pole ONLY. Cones Sold Separately
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Warranty Information

90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
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