25mm Jumbo Black Rubber Base

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  • Jumbo Black Turf Rubber Base for Speed Pole or Corner Flag
  • Jumbo Black Turf Rubber Base with Speed Pole
  • Jumbo Black Turf Rubber Base with Corner Flag


25mm Jumbo Rubber Base

Don't let the wind keep knocking over your speed poles or corner flags. Our Jumbo Base can hold up in any condition! Wide 12" base and 8 pound weight keep your flags and poles in place through the most vicious windy conditions.

Fits all 25mm or 1" diameter poles. This base accepts our speed poles with spikes for easy use from grass to turf fields. (Hole inside base allows for use of poles with round spikes.)

*Due to the heavy weight of this item, a weight fee may apply based on quantities. View shopping cart to check if there is a weight fee applies or not.
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