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Soccer Sling Shot, Soccer Rebounder

The Soccer Sling Shot TM is a cutting edge soccer training rebounder. Unlike any other soccer rebounder, the Soccer Sling Shot TM returns the soccer ball at ground level. Now you can master your soccer passing and receiving alone!

A great home soccer training tool! It's lightweight and easy to set up. Take it to any park, vacation even grandma's house! Play soccer from either side or compete against a friend. Adjustable feature allows you to control the rebound effect. Unlike other 4' wide or 6' wide soccer rebounders, the Soccer Sling Shot TM has an 8' width which means more playing and less missing and chasing!

Dimensions: 3' High X 8' Wide A must have for any Soccer player at any age!

  • All soccer balls return on the ground simulating a real soccer experience.
  • Wide (8") width so the soccer practice and soccer fun continues with out missing and chasing the ball.
  • Easy and fast set up and take down, great for travel soccer use.
  • Comes with a Bag and set up guide.
  • Rebounds like a wall but its a lot easier to move around!

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Simulates a real soccer experience.

You can push pass into it on the ground, unlike other soccer rebounders that have a pole on the ground, which interferes and prevents the most important ball striking technique in soccer, the push pass.

Patent Pending Design plays like a real wall, allowing players to pass and receive like playing with another person.

Take it anywhere! Use it as a Goal! A great coaching tool!
A great soccer gift.

The most important and most used technique in soccer is the push pass. Even the Pro's must master this soccer technique and use it all game long.

Master the soccer push pass and you can play at any level!

Receiving and turning a soccer ball, and receiving and passing a soccer ball, on the ground, are the most important soccer skills.

Master these techniques and you can play soccer with anyone!

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