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Use for stiker, defender and goal keeper training. The most innovative piece of soccer equipment out there! Delivers the ball at any speed, any spin, and any distance. A must have for your team!
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The Best Ball Machine in the World! 

This machine will propel a ball up to 70 miles per hour. Add any spin you need!  Topspin, side spin, backspin, knuckle ball or anything in between. 

Excellent Tool for GK Training.  (More accurate, more consistent, more powerful than any human.)  This translates into more productive, higher level training and improved match performance. 

Need a consistent serve for Strikers to finish?  (More repetition means better performance.)  Or use for Defender / Header Training, Long Ball Control, etc....

Start your drill with a long ball served in from anywhere! 

U.S. Patent Nos. 6,866,595 and 7,198,580. European Patent No. 04814968.6. Other U.S. and world wide patents pending.
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