Renegades Training Kit

  • Renegades Home and Backyard Soccer Training Kit
  • The Jimmy Ball Skills and Technique training soccer ball
  • The Jimmy Ball Strap
  • The Jimmy Ball volley training and skills ball
  • 7in soccer disc cones yellow
  • orange soccer disc cones set
  • Momentum Mini soccer Ball size 2
  • mini soccer ball size 2 machine stitched soccer ball


Renegades home and backyard training kit. 

  • (1) Mini Ladder:  (Speed, Agility and Fitness Home Training with and without ball.)
  • (1) Set of 20 Cones:  (Speed, Agility, Fitness, Dribbling Techniques, Obstacle courses, with and without ball.) 
  • (1) Mini Soccer Ball: (Ball technique and skill work with cones, ladder and other available obstacles.)
  • (1) Mini Jimmy Ball: (Ball striking and ball control techniques anywhere and at any time.)
Below are some ideas each product can help players train at home.
  • Mini Ladder
    • Ladders have a multitude of exercises & uses, but most importantly, it is used to develop quick feet, coordination, agility and balance. 
  • Cones
    • Disc cones are great for not only dribbling the ball around and through them, but can be a helpful tool in home fitness exercises to stay in match shape while at home. 
  • Mini Soccer Ball
    • Whether you are working on your juggling or trying to dribble through cones, mini balls require a soft touch and skill. Training with a mini ball adds a level of difficulty and fun at the same time. 
  • Jimmy Ball
    • The Jimmy Ball is great for many reasons. It allows players to get hundreds of touches on the ball in a matter of a few minutes. If it’s bad weather outside, it’s ability to be used in the garage or living room keeps players from having any excuse not to get touches on the ball in any circumstance. 
    • The best part of the Jimmy Ball is it gets players not only to work on their weak foot, but get tons of repetitions on the inside and outside of each foot like a coach or dad was tossing them balls and never having to chase a bad touch down.


*Ladder and Cone color may vary depending on availability between orange and yellow colors. 

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