• Powershot Soccer Rebounder Wall with Ramp
  • 90 degree Powershot Rebounder Wall with Ramp for soccer
  • Soccer Powershot Rebounder Wall with Ramp with frank leboeuf


The patented German engineered Powershot Rebounder Wall with Ramp is the perfect all in one soccer training device. Perfect for working on your passing, ball control and soft touch through numerous exercises. 

The Powershot Rebounder Wall is designed to work at a 45 degree angle and 90 degree angle wall. You can easily adjust the angles quickly between the two angles of rebound to either pop the ball up to work on trapping and soft touch or act as a flat wall that acts as another player passing the ball back to you on the ground. 

The patented design is built to be easily transported with its collapsing flat design, wheels and handle. The board is made up of a very solid heavy duty material to withstand all passes and shots at it while acting as a true wall. The back ramp attaches to the opposite side of the rebounder wall and has a natural curve to play the ball back in the air to players. 

Base can be filled with sand or water for added weight as needed. 

Watch product video with French World Cup Captain Frank Leboeuf (video tab)


Dimensions are 1m(w) x .75m(h)

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Warranty Information

90 Day Manufacturer Defect Warranty
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