Nutmeg Mannequin

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  • Nut Meg Free kick and dribbling mannequin with passing arc
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Nutmeg Mannequin

The Soccer Innovations Nutmeg Mannequin was designed for those who are willing to take their soccer skills to the next level. A mannequin that's more than just a stand in place dummy for free kicks!

This Mannequin can be utilize to improve dribbling skills, decision making in tight situations, speed of play and passing accuracy. Created with commercial grade PVC and built to last. The Nutmeg Mannequin was designed to enhance players dribbling, passing, and decision making along with free kicks and shadow play. Master one and two touch passing with the ability to accurately pass to a teammate through or around the Nutmeg Mannequin. Weighing less than 5 lbs, the Nutmeg Mannequin is easy to carry from one training session to the next.  

The Nutmeg Mannequin is a free kick mannequin/dummy, a lifelike dribbling obstacle and a passing arc in one! This Mannequin is 6' Tall with a life-like jersey material covering to accurately simulate an opponent. 


Use to improve:

  • Free Kicks
  • Dribbling Skills 
  • Decision Making
  • Speed of Play
  • Passing Accuracy (Makes a Passing Arc at the Bottom!)
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90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
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