• Powershot Inflatable Mannequins
  • Air Mannequins made out of Strong and Solid PVC
  • Inflatable Mannequin GK training session
  • Youth powershot air dummy
  • Adult-Size and Youth-Size Air Mannequins
  • PowerShot Inflatable BUD air dummy for goalkeepers
  • Free-Kick Technique Trainer Mannequins
  • Inflatable Mannequins Creates Game like Scenarios
  • Mannequins with the Highest Stability Indoor and Outdoor
  • Water compartment for Weighted Base and Self Balance
$109.00 - $160.00

Inflatable Training Dummies

Our new realistic PowerShot inflatable air mannequins (BUD 2.0) for soccer & gk training are available in 5ft 9in and 7ft tall size. These two sizes provide a challenge for youth and adult soccer players and helps them get the most out of their training sessions. Size simulates a player at its peak height when in the air challenging for a ball. The youth-size and adult-size free-kick mannequins have been created using strong and solid high-end material which can resist high-intensity training sessions without becoming damaged. Featuring a weighted base, once filled with water, will keep the dummies straight and self-balanced when being hit by the ball, offering the highest stability indoor or outdoor. Deflates flat. 

  • Adult Size: 7ft tall
  • Youth Size: 5ft 9in
  • Large base diameter to hold upright in high winds
  • Safe to use for GK training
  • Holds up to 8 gallons of water in base
  • Includes Air Pump
  • Ultra thick high-end material for durability
  • Inflatable soccer dummy
  • Easy transport handles
  • Fully inflated with 150 pumps when completely deflated
  • Plugs are indented to avoid injury during use.
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