Backyard Training Kit - Bayern

  • $75 Home soccer training kit: Ladder, Cones, passing arcs.
  • mini soccer cone set of 24
  • Speed and Agility Ladder
  • Passing Arc Round
  • Soccer Passing Arc
  • Speed Ladder with slats
MSRP: $74.99
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This backyard and home training soccer training kit is the bare essentials for those looking work on your footwork and keep match fit for under $75.  

  • Agility Ladder
    • Ladders have a multitude of exercises & uses, but most importantly, it is used to develop quick feet, coordination, agility and balance. 
  • Mini Cones
    • Cones are great for not only dribbling the ball around and through them, but can be a helpful tool in home fitness exercises to stay in match shape while at home. 
    • Set of 24 Cones available in 3 colors. (Add color preference in order notes.)
  • Passing Arc Set of 5 with Bag
    • Passing Arcs are great for working on your passing accuracy with the ball still or running on the move and testing your passing skills on the move.
    • Passing Arcs have multiple uses. Use passing arcs as hurdles or use 1 passing arc to jump over side to side for fitness and footwork


*Ladder and Passing Arc color may vary between yellow or orange due to high demand in ladders. 

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