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Tazmania Thermo Seamless Soccer Ball, Set of 25

Tazmania 25
  • Tazmania 25
  • Soccer ball side view
Set of 25 Tazmania Thermo Seamless Soccer Balls

This NEW technology enhances durability and has an extremely soft feel! It also improves the aerodynamics of the ball. This laminated bladder gives perfect roundness and is almost 100% waterproof. Thermo balls are made for durability and performance and can withstand all conditions!


Our Tazmania is a Seamless, Thermo Molded Soccer Ball, which means: 

  • No Water Penetration!
  • No Air Leakage  (Or very little need to re-pump during the season.) 
  • Better Shape Retention
  • Better Feel
  • Adjusting the inflation offers a different feel:  Slightly less air makes a great youth ball.  Slightly more air firms up the ball for the stronger and more mature player! 


We Guarantee It!

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