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Speed Poles with Spring 25mm 12-Pack

Speed Pole 12 pack
  • Speed Pole 12 pack
  • Speed Pole Spring Base
25mm Speed Poles with spring base, Set of 12 (4 Red, 4 Blue, 4 Yellow) Set of 12 comes with a free Soccer Tennis Strap.

This is a 1" PVC Pole with Metal Spring Base.  A Round Footplate Makes Ground Insertion Easy! 

Great Quality & Durability. Best Price.


Soccer Speed and Agility Pole Facts and Use

The Soccer Pole, also known as a Soccer StickSoccer Speed Pole, Soccer  Training Pole, Soccer Speed and their Pole has many soccer training uses.

Soccer Coaches use the Soccer Speed Pole for speed and agility training as well as to develop dribbling technique as well as for many soccer drills requiring obstacle or grid markers.   Some soccer trainers use the soccer pole for  goals but as the soccer speed there are made with very lightweight pvc they will break when hit by a very hard soccer shot.  Using a soccer  stick with a spring base will reduce the breakage problem.   (But cost and weight go up!)

Collapsing and telescoping soccer poles are very convenient for travel situations and for coaches that must carry their own soccer equipment.  

Take a look at all our Soccer speed and agility poles and pick out the best for your need!  


Soccer Innovations™ 25mm Soccer Speed Pole Set is Made to the Highest Quality that Matches or Beats our Competitors Quality and Pricing.  

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