9" Soccer Hurdle, Set of 6

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(6) Hurdles (red, yellow & blue) Develop Speed and Agility and Quickness with these Soccer Training Hurdles.

  • (2) Red, (2) Blue, (2) Yellow
  • Improve your speed, agility & quickness.
  • Bright colors provide visibility during training.
  • High quality lightweight PVC material for durability.
  • Bounce-back construction.

Soccer Hurdles Use and Features:

Soccer Hurdles are commonly used to improve soccer speed and agility, soccer quickness and soccer conditioning. Soccer hurdles are used in soccer team and individual training. (Actually, these same style hurdles are used in all sports to develop athletic speed and agility.)

Popular soccer hurdle heights are 6", 9", and 12". However, hurdles with greater heights are available from Soccer Innovations. There are a variety of hurdle styles to fit your needs. Including adjustable hurdles that offer varying heights.

The "No Tip" Hurdles are weighted so the hurdle bounces back up when knocked over. Every soccer coach needs a good set of soccer hurdles!

So don't wait, order yours today from the greatest soccer equipment supplier in the world! SOCCER INNOVATIONS!
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